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AIA Approved Latex Printing Course Provides CEs

Capabilities and Benefits of Latex Printing

Dee Dee Simmons

The AIA has approved FITTS as an official provider of CEs.  The first available session is on the Capabilities and Benefits of Latex Printing.  This course is 1.5 LU|HSWs.

Please contact Dee Dee Simmons at dsimmons@thefittscompany.com to schedule an visit to FITTS which includes a plant tour or a team session at your office.

In this course we will explore the many capabilities now possible with latex ink as well as the environmental and health benefits of utilizing latex printing through the lifecycle of the product. Latex inks provide a higher quality print than ones printed with solvent inks. Latex prints are also a fantastic option to traditional vinyl as well.  Latex inks allow printed graphics in areas previously not possible since these inks are water based and do not have the volatile compounds found in other inks.  They are also not flammable.  The ability to brand health care facilities and dining areas previously with printed materials will have a tremendous impact on the consumer experience. Recycling latex inks is far easier than other inks.   Latex Inks are a tremendous technological advancement in the print industry which benefits people and the environment.

 Latex inks will allow for application on all substrates currently using solvent-based inks and more! Latex inks can also be directly printed to hard surfaces such as aluminum, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, wood, MDF, and stone using a flatbed printer. Due to the flexible nature of latex inks they are far more pliable and have an increased integrity over other options allowing for greater array of application options.   Latex inks help maintain a consistent brand experience over multiple substrates used throughout the facility from exterior illuminated freestanding signage to interior non-illuminated wall plaques.  Latex inks are water-based and do not release odoriferous or poisonous compounds at any point during production making them safer for humans and the environment.  They are more easily recycled than other options. When printed on an approved environmentally safe material, these prints can be applied in the most sensitive locations including medical facilities, schools, and dining facilities.


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