What Does The Fitts Company Do?

The Fitts Company is a nationally acclaimed solution based manufacturing company delivering innovative designs and products for a diverse client base across multiple industries. FITTS is a team of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our clients through the use of state of the art 3D design, manufacturing, and project management capabilities. We manufacture a diverse range of products that includes modular branches, exterior signage, interior signage, ATM surrounds, toppers and enclosures, ATM buildings and kiosks, ATM canopies, modular branch interiors, motor home coaches, and other specialty items. We have recently added large format printing to our product lines we offer.  We provide turnkey solutions and complete project management for projects of any size.



The Fitts Company Story

The Fitts Company was born in 1998 and began as a regional project management company run by Steve and Rosemary Fitts. Throughout the years, the company has transitioned to a national solutions-based manufacturing company with multiple divisions and serving multiple industries.


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FITTS Receives Lexington County “Fire-Safe Business Award”

April 12, 2016 Lexington, SC – Three Lexington County businesses were awarded the Lexington County Fire Service “Fire-Safe Business Award” for their continued efforts in providing a fire-safe workplace for their […]


Did You Know?

In a single year, FITTS recycled more than 1.2 million pounds of aluminum. For perspective, the Union Pacific Big Boy, the largest steam locomotive ever built, weighted 1.2 million pounds with tender full of water and coal.

First Modular Branch Installed

FITTS built and installed our first fully modular mobile branch Fall of 2018 using Manustruction.  Best practices of manufacturing and traditional construction came together in Manustruction.  The branch was designed to […]


FITTS Introduces New Product Line: Large Format Printing

When FITTS moved into the new facility in December 2016, one goal was to add product lines offered to customers.  One of the first lines to be brought to market […]