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July 6, 2017 GO BACK

FITTS Introduces New Product Line: Large Format Printing

Dee Dee Simmons

When FITTS moved into the new facility in December 2016, one goal was to add product lines offered to customers.  One of the first lines to be brought to market was large format printing.  The most technologically advanced equipment in the industry was purchased and just a few short months later FITTS installed the first printing project at the Fireflies Stadium in Columbia, SC.  The HP printer allows prints to be up to 126″ wide and hundreds of feet long without a single seam!  The HP printer uses instantly drying latex inks and are certified for low chemical emissions allowing them to be used in hospitals, schools, daycares, and other such facilities all over the US including California which boasts the most stringent requirements.  FITTS can print on vinyl, canvas, wall coverings, fabrics, and a variety of textiles.  This is one more way FITTS is helping customers keep brand consistency through all areas of their business.


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Did You Know?

In a single year, FITTS recycled more than 1.2 million pounds of aluminum. For perspective, the Union Pacific Big Boy, the largest steam locomotive ever built, weighted 1.2 million pounds with tender full of water and coal.

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