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Interview with Tom Pierce

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Understanding this was your first project with The Fitts Company, how was the decision made to involve them for this project?

Cardtronics was introduced to The Fitts Company through an ATM industry professional whose clients had positively engaged with the company in the past. However, the decision to engage with FITTS was made after meeting the organization’s leaders at its headquarters facility and seeing the strength of its engineering design capabilities.

Can you recall one or two main differentiators of The Fitts Company that played into your decision to partner with them?

The primary differentiators that played into our decision to partner with FITTS were the team’s focus on innovation in its design & engineering process and the ethical positioning on which the company has clearly been built.

During the design and development process there was a lot of discussion on Value Engineering and Total Cost of Ownership. Can you elaborate on this in relation to the positive impact it made during and post project?

The FITTS team focused on multi-function crate design, which allowed for the utilization of a one-person installation process versus the previous two-person install method that was required with our previous ALLTM surround. The design focus, as well as the selection of materials used for the surround, both played a part in executing on this value engineering concept.

Did any challenges arise during the project and if so, how were they handled?

Like any new product pilot, the concept to delivery process is a series of twists and turns, as all parties involved learn how to work together, to listen to each other and to respond to environmental learnings. The strong communications focus from FITTS eased this process of managing through the challenges the project introduced. On such example was the need to consider a different type of material for the top of the ALLTM structure that would more effectively allow for wireless signals to be delivered to the content management system inside the structure.

What has the response and feedback have been received since the solutions has been deployed?

Cardtronics has engaged a third-party research firm to conduct consumer intercepts at the ALLTMs in our pilot retail locations. The reaction has been extremely positive to both the surround and the entire ALLTM experience, with consumers indicating they will return to use this ATM on a more frequent basis.

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