"The Fitts Company team has been clearly adept at both listening to our needs with this project and innovating to deliver a solution that exceeds our and our customers' expectations. We look forward to our continued partnership as we evolve this product in the future."

Tom Pierce
Chief Marketing Officer


Making ATM cash access convenient where people shop, work and live, Cardtronics is at the convergence of retailers, financial institutions, prepaid card programs and the customers they share. Cardtronics provides services to over 190,000 retail ATMs in North America and Europe. Whether Cardtronics is driving foot traffic for North America and Europe’s top retailers, enhancing ATM brand presence for card issuers or expanding card holders’ surcharge-free cash access, Cardtronics is convenient access to cash, when and where consumers need it. Cardtronics is where cash meets commerce.

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Cardtronics is the global ATM leader in the retail environment, with over 90,000 locations across the United States hosting an ATM that the company either owns or operates. With this scale, Cardtronics has the opportunity to leverage its portfolio for increased consumer usage of its ATMs. Seeking to enhance consumer engagement at its ATMs, Cardtronics has developed and is piloting the concept of the “ALLTM” where the traditional ATM is transformed into a consumer marketing kiosk, including a digital screen atop the ATM, a vibrant housing structure and the ability to deliver special offers and coupons to consumers who engage with the ALLTM. Cardtronics challenged The Fitts Company to engineer and build a consumer-friendly ATM surround to deliver on this desired new experience.


In response to the project requirements outlined by Cardtronics, The Fitts Company engineered a solution that was vibrant and extremely cost-effective from an implementation perspective. Using its engineering expertise at the core, FITTS engaged in an iterative design process with Cardtronics sharing the design for the surround and its digital screen/camera components virtually with the Cardtronics project team for discussions and feedback as the design evolved. FITTS developed a solution for the ALLTM surround that was engineered for a one-person installation on-site at our retail locations – lightweight from a material utilization perspective and a unit that was easy to maneuver for an individual during the installation process. This focus on engineering for the install resulted in a speedier installation process and saved an estimated 50 percent of manpower costs from an installation team perspective.


As a result of FITTS engagement with Cardtronics to develop and build a new ALLTM surround for a key retail ATM pilot, Cardtronics has seen very favorable early results, including:

  • On-time delivery of a new product for our pilot launch
  • Savings of approximately 50 percent of installation costs, due to the engineering design and material section for the ALLTM surround
  • Extremely favorable consumer perceptions reported during customer intercepts conducted at the ALLTMs by a third-party research team

Interview with Tom Pierce

Chief Marketing Officer

Understanding this was your first project with The Fitts Company, how was the decision made to involve them for this project?

Cardtronics was introduced to The Fitts Company through an ATM industry professional whose clients had positively engaged with the company in the past. However, the decision to engage with FITTS was made after meeting the organization’s leaders at its headquarters facility and seeing the strength of its engineering design capabilities.

Can you recall one or two main differentiators of The Fitts Company that played into your decision to partner with them?

The primary differentiators that played into our decision to partner with FITTS were the team’s focus on innovation in its design & engineering process and the ethical positioning on which the company has clearly been built.

During the design and development process there was a lot of discussion on Value Engineering and Total Cost of Ownership. Can you elaborate on this in relation to the positive impact it made during and post project?

The FITTS team focused on multi-function crate design, which allowed for the utilization of a one-person installation process versus the previous two-person install method that was required with our previous ALLTM surround. The design focus, as well as the selection of materials used for the surround, both played a part in executing on this value engineering concept.

Did any challenges arise during the project and if so, how were they handled?

Like any new product pilot, the concept to delivery process is a series of twists and turns, as all parties involved learn how to work together, to listen to each other and to respond to environmental learnings. The strong communications focus from FITTS eased this process of managing through the challenges the project introduced. On such example was the need to consider a different type of material for the top of the ALLTM structure that would more effectively allow for wireless signals to be delivered to the content management system inside the structure.

What has the response and feedback have been received since the solutions has been deployed?

Cardtronics has engaged a third-party research firm to conduct consumer intercepts at the ALLTMs in our pilot retail locations. The reaction has been extremely positive to both the surround and the entire ALLTM experience, with consumers indicating they will return to use this ATM on a more frequent basis.

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